Rocket Santana’s “No Turbulence” Goes Hard

Rocket Santana recently released his album “No Turbulence.” His fifth album has eight great songs that will blow anyone’s mind. Like his previous work, Rocket Santana decided to keep his fingers on the pulse of the recent production trends. He bodied every beat he chose and created collaborations that listeners didn’t know they needed.

Listen ro “No turbulence” by Rocket Santana above!

Rocket Santana has been making music for six years and is consistently progressing with every release. As mentioned before, he stays on trend as much as possible and releases excellent music in that trend. He was (still is) a master of plugg beats back in the day, and now he can hop on virtually any beat and make it sound good.

For example, compare tracks two and five, “Belvis” and “No Romance,” respectively. “Belvis” is your typical glo-gang-inspired beat produced by La99 and featuring vamppalx. Rocket Santana remains his usual monotone self, but he brings his vocals up to match the aggressive energy created by the beat. But three tracks later, Rocket Santana is on a spacey beat with layered vocals similar to Texaco and Boofpaxkmooky on “No Romance.” But Santana’s come through louder and more precisely. He matched the energy in “Belvis” great but matched it even more remarkably in “No Romance.” All in all, Rocket Santana’s versatility shines through on this eight-song project.

You can listen to “No Turbulence” above and here. Check out the rest of Rocket Santana’s discography here. Stay tuned for Rocket Santana’s next EP, “World Domination,” coming soon!

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