Shane’s Selections, Volume 4: Back & Better Than Ever

I apologize for the gap between this volume and last. But I’m back like a toxic ex who can’t stay away, and this time I’m coming in hot with some fire new releases that dropped this month. We’re finishing the year out strong, and I’m hoping to fill the holiday playlist whole you may currently have. Happy holidays, may 2023 be better than your 2022, and stay sexy! Now let’s get into it, the last Shane’s Selections Volume of the year.

First up we have,

lucasthe art of being happy

Lucas is an artist I discovered this year, his branding and online presence is great…but the music is next level. Each track lucas drops feels like a movie, the stories in his song hit home for me. His vocal chops aren’t to be played with either, and the visuals he released this year are literal movies. Be sure to check out his newest drop, “the art of being happy”, as well as the rest of his catalog. Mans going to be up in 2023, I’m calling it!

Next up we have the unstoppable duo,

Tommy Richman & mynameisntjmackWHO U FOOLIN

At the top of the year Tommy & Jmack gave us the hit “BUNKER/PREROLL”, that has amassed over 2 million streams on Spotify alone. To say the people wanted another song from these two stars, is an understatement. And oh boy, did these two deliver on the follow-up track “WHO U FOOLIN”. These guys compliment each others styles like it’s nobody’s business, it seems almost effortless for them. This time around, the production and mixing was even more incredible. The whole song fits the punk vibe and wave these two are representing. Can’t wait for the third installment of this series, hopefully it comes in 2023. Be sure to stream this one lads!

Third we got,

asianblonde & Jacob Bayley – slow down

I found asianblonde a few months ago when they released their single, “tongue tied” and ever since I’ve been staying taped in. I really enjoy the groups vocal chops, production selection & style. Everything about this group is fun, up-beat, and mellow. I would describe their sound as, bedroom pop internet music…but that’s a compliment. I really think this group has potential to really grow in 2023, and their newest single “slow down” featuring Jacob Bayley is a strong way to end the year.

Lastly we have,

Cybertrash & midwxstwith u

Cybertrash is a star in the making, there’s no telling me different. This year I got to see this Cybertrash grow substantially. I was lucky enough to catch a performance in LA, and he has the whole package….and then some. His last few releases have been on repeat for me, and this new cut is no different. The midwxst feature was unexpected, but I was pleasantly surprised. I can’t wait for the Cybertrash blow up in 2023, be sure to check out “with u” and the rest of his catalog.

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