Dark-net superstar’s “LSD IN ASPEN” is the Definition of Unique

Dark-net superstar is an artist with a crazy aesthetic. He seems to be heavily rock-influenced, but if you consider that when you watch the music video for his song “LSD IN ASPEN,” you might wonder where that influence went. You may notice that the rock influence was replaced with a hyperpop or Y2K influence. Either way, dark-net superstar draws from various influences and creates an enjoyable new amalgamation of music.

Watch dark-net superstar’s music video for “LSD IN ASPEN” above.

Overall, this music video is a trip. The viewer is left to wonder what is happening throughout the video’s entirety. But this is how dark-net superstar reels in engagement and retention. By leaving the meaning and scenes within the video ambiguous, viewers have the opportunity to attach their own importance to it. This open-ended format is becoming the norm for music videos, and dark-net superstar hits the nail on the head with his video for “LSD IN ASPEN.”

Stream dar-net superstar’s “LSD IN ASPEN” below!

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