Let Me Introduce To You, Cobejordan – The Interview 

I got to sit down and talk with one of the hardest working artists in the underground scene Cobejordan. We laughed, we cried, we talked about his recording process, and I learned way more about him as an artist & person. Get cultured on all things Cobejordan related below, and tap in with this guys music! 

DS – Tell us a little about yourself, where you’re from, and how you got into making music? 

CJ – I’m from Amarillo Texas , and how I got into music was through a friend who made music at my high school and at the time I just started listening to music on my own and I was getting in trouble a lot so to stay out of trouble in to get my emotions out somewhere and I started recording.

DS – Where does the name Cobejordan come from? 

CJ – CobeJordan is actually my government name I used to go by name Oxtekxo before CobeJordan before I was comfortable being myself in front of people.

DS – If someone could only listen to one song by you, what song would you pick to play them? 

CJ – If I could only choose one song for someone to listen to to describe how versatile and different my music is I would say Treachery to me that one just marks a point where my music changed, now my most impressive song right now I think would be Peachtree featuring Church-hill.

DS – How would you describe your overall sounds & style? 

CJ – I would say I’m a mix between alternative hip-hop and R&B to take inspiration from Koi Drake Bryson Tiller BigBabyGucci, but I want to create my own lane and talk about real things and find a way to be different but provoke emotion.

DS – What’s your recording process like? Are you finding a beat then recording? Freestyling? Walk us through the steps start to finish, while creating a Cobejordan song.  

CJ – For me my recording process is first finding beat I have a few producer friends shout out King Ripazure and Stevienel, now I want to be respectful to them so I wait till they are available to send me beats and I sit on for a while until one provoke some emotion that I’ve been building up to create because I love to create, and in the meantime if I want to make a song I look on YouTube and I buy leases for the songs I really like, I write/punch in, depending on the beat and depending on how deep I want to go in how I’m feeling I’ll leave the right punch in. I take inspiration from simple things in life and what I’ve gone through and try to tell a story within my songs and help people feel something

DS – What’s the biggest milestone or accomplishment you’ve obtained during you music career so far? 

CJ – My biggest accomplishment would be as Oxtekxo I got to work with Rio John Luther and my streaming numbers were going up but my music wasn’t serious then and I was managed by a collective called flight crew, but we had a falling out but I still am friendly with them and work often with them, I have a few features that are notable I guess David Shawty, Koi, 909 Memphis, Hella sketchy, Austin Skinner, sucker punk, Church-hill, Perry Maysun , but I really want to create a land In being myself And being genuine and evolving to make the best music I can because this is just the cusp of what I want to create. 

Also shout out AyP! Aaliyah May both him rest in peace there a big reason I keep pushing so hard.

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