$lyce Shows What he Brings to the Table with “WETTiE (DELUXE)”

$lyce recently released the deluxe version of his album “WETTiE.” In this album, he shows listeners what he offers, a blend of similar but differing sounds in the most extraordinary way possible. He combines the mainstream sound of Internet-Money-Esque beats with the unusual yet unique sound of Hyperpop vocals. At first glance, listeners may be skeptical about the sound, but after engaging with the album, their minds are sure to change.

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Both genres use melodies as their focal point. Hyperpop’s melodies are more exaggerated than beats from the Internet Money lane. However, $lyce tones down his hyperpop-like vocals just enough to create this fresh and exciting sound. The first song considered to be “deluxe” on the album is LSD. $lyce uses a typical flow that appears on plenty of Internet Money tracks, but with the addition of his distinctive vocal preset, he sets himself apart from the rest of the copycats. Without doing so, $lyce would be another artist in that lane, but he shows his true talent and individuality in this track and the rest of the 21-song album.

Listen to $lyce’s “WETTiE (DELUXE)” below!

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