Hoody Hawi’s Project Artificial Ignorance Is Taking Over The Bay Area

It’s been a while since I’ve had an album on repeat for longer than a few days, but Hoody Hawi’s latest release Artificial Ignorance is a gem that the music scene needed. Spanning 7 tracks in length, Artificial Ignorance brought me back to the early 2016 SoundCloud days when I was getting started in the music business and was inspired by the musics experimental nature and originality in terms of lyricism and the artists delivery. Hoody Hawi has that special it factor similar to the works of Playboi Carti or Lil Uzi Vert and dives into new sounds uninitiated by the status quo of what should technically work. On songs like “One Comma Ooo” Hoody uses his voice as an instrument, and punches in and out with his motivational lyrics and catchy delivery. Hoody is without a doubt one of the most promising artists coming out of the Bay Area right now, and Artificial Ignorance is just a taste for what’s about to come. Make sure you keep an eye out for his future releases, and hop on the wave early!

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