93FEETOFSMOKE Triumphantly Returns with his New Album, “Good Grief”

93FEETOFSMOKE is one of those artists who always seems to release quality bodies of work and with his new album, “GOODGRIEF” that pattern continues throughout this 10-track album. Four of the tracks we have already heard also include some of the album’s heaviest-hitting features such as Kamiyada+, Phem, and Guardin. The initial four, which also happen to be the first four songs on the album, set the stage quite nicely with what would be following, including a feature from Extra Large Holiday Card, a member of the worlds #1 hot new band, Hot Mulligan. 

The new music is mostly solo music sans the feature from XLHC, and showcases the direction 93 is moving in with his music along with the staying power he has to carry strings of solo music. He comes right out of the gate too, starting the new songs with one of the heaviest hitting songs on the album, Toothpaste. Toothpaste combines the pop-punk emo sound that 93 is known for along with hyperpop-inspired bass and vocal glitches; a perfect storm to create my favorite song on the project(followed closely by Disappear and Oh Nah Oh Nah). The album also has its moments of brevity including the acoustic ballad, “All I Ever Wanted” and the very aptly named “Meditate x2” which starts off acoustic and ends with a grand anthem all within the confines of a waltz.

What’s even crazier is after I broke my laptop and couldn’t do anything 93 decided to drop a deluxe edition of “GOOD GIREF” featuring a new song ‘Alien,’ and five remixes with one being acoustic and two including new features “Belmont” and “Syko.” Each of these editions adds a unique factor that wasn’t present in the originals such as the EDM remix of ‘All I Ever Wanted’ and the Skyo and an acoustic version of ‘Nightmare.’ Alien is definitely a standout not only in the deluxe but in the album as a whole– the production style meanders through emo rap, pop punk, and dark hyperpop and really feels like 93 just decided to an obscene level of fun making this song.

I could talk about this album for another two paragraphs but I do not want to spoil the listening experience for our readers here. What I will do is something Grooverelly hasn’t done before and that is give a rating for albums or songs, but with this album that has changed. “GOODGRIEF” from 93FEETOFSMOKE is a no-skip album and gets a perfect 10/10 from me and the rest of the team over here at Grooverelly. The album is available on all platforms so go listen for yourself and let us know what you think!

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