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Kiree 3600 Shares Visuals For “Roddy Vibes”

The riveting cut is first to be shared off of his newest collaborative project with producer EK.

Kiree 3600 (left) & EK! (right) on the set of the “Roddy Vibes” music video.

Kiree 3600 is the type of artist that likes to display his range and versatility when it comes to the style of rap he delivers. His career, even at its early stages still feels like a steady incline, as he intends to out-perform himself on every new release. Fans who’ve been down since Blockstarr, his 2020 debut tape, could tell about how much Three Six has continued to stretch his sound. To be honest, the introductory tracks themselves could give you hints of his progression and affinity for trying new things while maintaining what makes listeners initially press play.

Kiree 3600 / Photography by Jimmel Armstrong Jr.

Like the Tidewater area in which he is from, Kiree 3600’s music is ultimately a melting pot of different influences that he ultimately makes his own. He hasn’t said this on record (yet) but I feel like the correct term for his style of rap would be appropriately named Munna Music.

“You know Three Six. I don’t do this s**t for an image. I’m destined for this s**t. You mad, you just peeped it.” – Kiree 3600

The latest installment from self-proclaimed MUNNA CEO Kiree 3600 is titled E and Three, and exclusively produced by VA musician & producer EK. The compilation of 7 tracks feels like a structured vault release, with the experience of listening feeling like the score of a film that can be described as “the Wild West meets the trap”. The production is immaculate, courtesy of EK, who I feel like deserves more flowers on behalf of his raw talent, and how his sound completely and consistently transcends.

E and Three (2022) / Illustration by Rob Davis

Pioneering this project is a narration from Zack Morris, whose voice is heard amid the auditory offering, as well as to end the entire piece. Kiree 3600 goes solo in every song except “Exquisite Vibes”, where Norfolkian Young Crazy makes an exciting appearance among a dark beat change.

“In the trap gotta watch out the peep hole, I ain’t tryna get hit with the RICO. I’m the one on my block, I’m like Derrick Rose.” – Kiree 3600

A little over a week ago, the music video for “Roddy Vibes” was released. In the clip, Kiree 3600 is seen on location at his grandmother’s old house in Suffolk, Virginia. The visual then follows Kiree in scenes that, conceptually, tell the story behind his lyrics in order to bring them to life.

Kiree 3600 – “Roddy Vibes” / Dir. William “Cortez” Artis

When it comes to Kiree 3600, he’ll continue to drop munna music that cuts through all the noise. Something that can seem impossible in a time where it seems like everyone wants to be a rapper or make music. They can all try, but they won’t do it like Three Six. Watch the visual for “Roddy Vibes” today, and click here to listen to E and Three now.

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