Evan200k’s Future is Bright

Evan200k is a producer from a small town in Pennsylvania who has grown to be one of the next big upcoming producers. One day, people will talk about the likes of Metro Boomin, Pi’erre Bourne, Southside, and more alongside Evan200k.

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One of Evan200k‘s most significant accomplishments is living off his producing career. Not only is he making enough money, but he’s having a blast while doing it. And you can’t blame him; he’s working with the likes of EST Gee, YSN Flow, Stunna 4 Vegas, and many more. But Evan200k is more focused on the quality of music he’s making rather than the names he’s doing it alongside. He wants to enjoy every piece he creates and hopes that one day he’ll get a number one hit on Billboard.

By the sound of it, Evan200k’s upcoming album shows the potential to do just that. He’s working with some of his favorite producers and artists to whom he’s grown closer in his career and plans to release a stellar album under his name. This way, he’ll have a body of work to call his own, and he’ll be able to build a name for himself. But, Evan200k is a selfless person and wants to share the talent of his fellow music creators as well.

On his Spotify page, Evan200k has a song out now with Brougkr and Reese Youngn titled “Royalty,” a textbook definition of a great song. Check it out below, and be on the lookout for Evan200k’s album!

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