The Extremely Talented Yules

Yules is a DJ who makes music that anyone can get up and dance to, and he has recently released his fire song, “The Heater.” This song lifts the listener out of their seat and guides them straight to the dance floor to enjoy the fantastic rhythm Yules created.

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Yules is a man of many talents, but one of his most underrated ones is his talent for making music. He has three songs out right now, all of which express the same emotion: excitement. His entire discography makes the listener imagine that they’re in the club enjoying a few drinks and the company of their friends on the dance floor.

Yules can make anyone want to dance. First, the drum rhythm created is a perfect example of a dancing rhythm. Secondly, he pairs that rhythm with a tremendous electronic build-up and drops to raise the energy even more. Finally, he adds some robotic0sounding vocals to add to the theme, which makes the song ever so slightly better. These key choices Yules is making will make him a star soon.

Listen to Yules’s “The Heater” below!

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