Jakke’s “How Do You Love” will be Released on August 26th

Save the date, people, because Jakke is finally releasing his “How Do You Love” EP on August 26th. To make his audience anticipate the release even more, Jakke dropped a music video for his song “Burn Me Up.” The video and song take Jakke’s fans on a journey of love filled with a fiery passion, hence the name.

Jakke expands on this theme in his EP “How Do You Love.” He dissects love as a whole. He shows his audience the key values of a person who is in love. Not only that, but he tells a story about himself so that it is easier for his audience to understand. Jakke plans to spread the love and his story so that his audience’s eyes can be opened.

Jakke used this EP to reminisce on past events and as a form of therapy. Jakke plans on asking the people how they love, but he is also using this project to vent about the past hardships and types of love he has dealt with. He wants to use his story to empower his audience to become better lovers.

Be on the lookout for Jakke’s “How Do You Love” EP on August 26th!

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