bLuE Medina Shares New Music Video For “ComeBack”

The rapper & singer/songwriter tackles the concept of soul ties in her newest single, and uses the visual to tell a story of the singular stages of heartbreak.

bLuE Medina – “ComeBack” (Official Video) / Shot & Edited by Lord Etha

bLuE Medina is an energetic, well rounded, and layered artist from Suffolk, Virginia. She writes her own songs (with an incredible capability to so do at such a young age), raps, and sings. At the moment, bLuE Medina is in the process of creating her next full length project. Her last compilation, “The Floating Bird – EP” (2020) contained four tracks, on which bLuE displayed her well-roundedness through the variety of sounds chosen. With her talent, she effortlessly blends genres into her own pleasurable creations.

On her forthcoming album-it’s title not yet revealed-the songwriter aims to elevate every aspect of her sound. Her beat selection seems more driven by her songwriting than just the initial “vibe” of the discovered instrumentation behind it, as her penning has become more conceptual and conversational. About a month ago bLuE Medina posted on her Instagram story, commenting on how she feels about what’s been cooked up so far: “Dropping my BEST music to date! I can not wait for you to hear.” Her newest single “ComeBack” provides listeners with a peek into this new stage of bLuE Medina’s artistry.

The song addresses the concept of having soul ties with someone. So much so that while one is wallowing in sadness and longing for reconciliation, the ex-lover is denying their feelings altogether in the company of new partners. A feeling that a lot of us can relate to, no matter what side of the coin we may fall on. The song feels like a post-break-up thought process, and the lyrics read like a short film script to me, so I’ve chosen to describe the song in that way. bLuE Medina opens up by singing “I’ve wasted all my tissue. Cannot help I miss you girl.” After assessing the nature of the break up, bLuE still doesn’t get closure because she is then “Tryna see the issue.”

bLuE Medina, filming at her home in Virginia. Photography by Lou Cambridge.

On the second part of the song, the 757 native addresses her ex-lover’s lingering feelings, signing “You might not miss me but I know you miss you old times”, claiming she knows exactly how the other feels. “I cross your mind sometimes, you can’t deny the soul ties.”

“Come back and hold me like you used to on them cold nights. You might not miss me but I know you miss the old times.” – bLuE Medina

The music video, shot and edited by Virginia-based filmmaker Lord Etha, finds bLuE in her home trying to have a regular day while dealing with her own thoughts in the midst of moving on. She ends up drowning her thoughts and ends up leaving cups all over the place. Afterwards, she breaks out into a pair of DieBeforeKilled brand sunshades and a set of gold grills. Proceeding her impromptu performance, its shown that her thoughts still encapsulate her as she sits down and the tears come. The visual even includes this moment on VHS footage.

At about one minute and fifty seconds into the clip, there’s a sudden rewind/flashback that leads into the track’s switch up in instrumentation.

“ComeBack” was originally released on July 14th, and the music video followed just over two weeks afterwards.

Overall, this track captures the undeniable, inescapable, inerasable bond that two people share, and how that bond, once broken, even if temporarily, can eat away at one’s conscience. I encourage y’all to check this song and visual out today!

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