Dampszn Is Taking Over The Summer – releases new project DAMPHETAMINE 

Let me take you back, the year is 2018 and SoundCloud (SC) is still in its golden era. I’m finding all my music on SC, all new upcoming artists are mainly dropping on SC. One day while scrolling my SC feed, I come across this artist named Dampszn, I can’t even lie the name really caught my attention. Like, what will an artist going by the name of “Dampszn” fucking sound like? Anyways, I check out his page…I end up really liking his style and sound. Back then I’d describe it as EDM, melodic, cloud rap. But you could hear the potential. Damp and I actually became good friends, and linked up in person last year at his first music video shoot for his song “Migraines”. Damp is a great guy, and a true talent. Since 2018, the kid has really evolved musically. His sound is much more polished, his delivery has more confidence, and I think Damp is really finding his sound on his newest project DAMPHETAMINE. The project top to bottom is filled with catchy feel good tunes about going through the motions of life, and how growing up can have its highs & lows. The project is 6 tracks deep, my favorite cuts have to be “Twenty Two” & “Aristotle”. Dampszn enlisted the help of Billy Bueffer for the track “Aristotle”. Other than that, this project is all Dampszn doing his damn thing. Watching his growth over all these years is amazing to see, I can’t wait to see Damp shine. Be sure to check out DAMPHETAMINE, linked below

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