mioskii releases long awaited ep “so far so good”

Hailing from Florida, rising artist mioskii is back with his ep “so far so good”. For those of you who aren’t hip to mioskii yet, he is a 22-year-old artist from Tampa, Florida. His journey in music kicked off at 19 years old. He started off creating Bedroom Pop infused with Alt Rock until he started heading in the direction of pop punk where we are today. 

The project kicks off with fan favorite “bloody friday”, originally released in March 2022 and repackaged onto the ep. When first listening to “bloody friday”, mioskii makes it hard not to bop your head back and forth. The song has made great strides with over 300,000 plays on Spotify to date. 

Following “bloody friday” is the head-banging record “promise”. The song takes us through a story of mioskii and a partner whom he made a promise with. He sings of promises being broken and his insecurities. The song is very easy to relate to and mioskii shows us his true emotions without masking anything. I applaud him for his genuine recollection of a breakup.

Shooting on over to “still holding on”, mioksii shows us his angelic vocals and his ability to create a catchy hook. He tells the listener about a relationship that he is trying to make work. I think people will find it easy to understand what mioskii is saying, it’s very common for people to feel like they’re the only ones in the relationship trying to make things work. That’s what draws so many people to him, he tells true stories through music creating a bond with the listener. 

That brings us to the fourth song from “so far so good”. “hate everything” . “hate everything” is fast paced and features a jamming guitar. This song belongs in the aux of people that are racing on an adventure with friends in the car. 

mioskii ends things off with “bendnbreak”. The song is very nostalgic and fits perfectly with people coming out of a rut in life. “bendnbreak” is for the people that go through a lot of hardships in life and always persevere back to the top. 

There were no skips while listening to “so far so good”, mioskii is ready to breakthrough and showcase his music to the masses. 

Listen to “so far so good

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