Foster’s Newest Single “Wish You Were Here” Will Turn Heads

When I first heard of Foster, it was through my mutual friends in the LoFi community like Zaini, vict molina, and skinny atlas. I always knew him as a LoFi artist, stereotypically thinking of high-passed beats and melancholic themes. This new sound is different, it is more refined, and less saturated with a familiar yet unique sound. Foster’s newest song, “Wish You Were Here” is the first example of this new sound and I am all here for it.

“Wish You Were Here” is a song drenched in modernity; plucky synths, emotional guitar, pop trap drums, and incredibly smooth vocals and I’ll be honest, at first I wasn’t on-board with this track. I initially wrote it off as a great first deluge into a new genre, but nothing that knocked my socks off. Until I kept coming back to it, and back to it, and back to it; to the point that the lyrics didn’t leave my head for a week. My favorite thing about this whole track is Foster’s vocals, whoever mixed them did a damn fine job because those reverbs and delays are absolute perfection and it gives the vocals a real sense of depth that that fill out the empty space in the instrumental. Overall, if this is the new evolution of Foster’s sound, I’ll be standing in line for pre-sale tickets for the next time around.

Foster’s “Wish You Were Here” is out now and available for all platforms.

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