Hyper-Pop’s Favorite Boyband illusion hills Drops New Single – chasm

Hyper-pop is a genre that has taken the underground scene by storm in the past 2 years. I’m personally all for it, and it seems the internet heads of the underground are too. With the rise of hyper-pop we’ve witnessed a lot of artists emerge out of nowhere, and some artists even completely change their sounds to ride this wave of hyper-pop. Last month while diving through music I came across this hyper-pop group based out of California, going by the stage name of illusion hills (super fire name btw). These guys may very well be the first hyper-pop boyband group ever! Even if they aren’t, illusion hills is a group you need to make yourself familiar with. They recently released their newest single “chasm”. Linking up with the talented aldrch for this release. I would describe this track as being hyper-punk! From start to finish the song is a hard hitting vibe, you can really hear illusion hills pour their hearts out on this track. And the production is fucking top-notch, I’m really excited to see where illusion hills will be this time next year. Be sure to check out their new track “chasm” linked below! 

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