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Sorry X Continues to Rock with New EP “Online Rockstar”

Arizona-native Sorry X recently released a new EP in Online Rockstar, with features from 916frosty, TITUS, and FRANK ZUMMO. Sorry X blends a lot of different types of sounds together in her music, which is clearly part of the immense attraction and popularity that she has found. Mixing pop-punk and trap genres with her beautiful and confident voice, Sorry X is able to create emotion very well in her music.

She seems to structure her songs very wisely as well, as the second track off the EP “Living Room Couch” has an awesomely catchy chorus, but Sorry X also allows parts of the song where the drums and instrumental shine and she is simply complementary- I vividly imagined her performing with a full band behind her vividly.

Her rawness and vulnerability are also refreshing. Track 3 “Down Bad” is straight to the point- Sorry X guesses that she’s down bad and reminds us that we all are down bad sometimes. With simplistic lyrics on tracks like this, it becomes much easier for the listener to relate to the song. TITUS also complements the track with a perfect up-tempo, punk-influenced verse.

Admittedly this was my introduction to Sorry X’s music, but she has made an immediate fan out of me. She sounds like so many different bands and artists that I have liked throughout the years all in one. Paramore. Avril Lavigne. A Day to Remember. Even a little bit of Halsey? The list goes on and on- but she is not ANY of these people. She is HERSELF. She is Sorry X. And she is pushing the envelope in a lot of ways in music right now. If she was not on your radar prior to reading this, you HAVE to check out her new EP Online Rockstar.

At only 5 songs and just about 15 minutes, this project is an extremely easy and fun listen. I listened to it twice while I cleaned my room last night, and also listened to it while I rested my eyes during a long drive today and reflected on the past week. I am excited to discover all of the other contexts in which this project will do me good. Go listen to Online Rockstar for yourself, and toss Sorry X a follow on her Instagram and Spotify to stay up to date with new content!

Stream Online Rockstar below and comment what your favorite track is!

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