King Locus Brings the 2010 Nostalgia with “Left On Read”

Emo music has seen a resurgence over the last 3 years and the alternative heavyweights such as Green Day, My Chemical Romance, and All Time Low still hold a certain power and allure to those who grew up during the time. KING LOCUS is a name I am not familiar with but I look forward to seeing more of what he does next after the release of his single, “Left on Read” with STXR.

“Left on Read” is an anthem for the emo kid inside us all; written during the end of a tumultuous relationship, the upbeat punkinstrumental produced fits perfectly with the traditional emo drawl that we all know and love. The song’s lyrical content is all about cheating and heartbreak which is juxtaposed by the instrumentals to create a bitter-sweet feeling when listening to the song. 

KING LOCUS has started gaining an immense amount of success on SoundCloud and based on this song, I do not feel like he is going anywhere soon.

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