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Michigan rapper Yung Sol finally dropped “solly’s world”

I think we might have a contender for album of the year here with Yung Sol’s “solly’s world”. The project is consistent from the first track to the last one, with each track flowing perfectly to the next. Yung Sol is an upcoming artist from Michigan who has been putting in work for years. I first came across his music back in 2019 with the release of his single “Flex”, and since then he has truly progressed as an artist musically.

I don’t remember the last time I streamed an album from top to bottom, lately the music scene has been heavy with singles. I think this is because people’s attention spans are so short nowadays and artists have been trying to gain hype fast, so for most artists dropping an album doesn’t work for them. Sol on the other hand took an alternative route, and dropped a full album. You can tell he really put thought into the composition, the overall vibe/tone of the project and really paints a picture as to what “solly’s world” is.

I highly recommend checking out “s on my chest” or “you”, both tracks go crazy and are a great introduction to who Yung Sol is. Stream “solly’s world” below.

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