Yeat Continues to Dominate 2022 in Collaboration With Internet Money

It was only a matter of time until fans received a collaboration between the well known Internet Money Records (IM) and Yeat . Yeat has been rising to superstardom in the past few months, especially coming off of his successful album 2 Alivë , which featured collaborations with commercial stars in Young Thug, Gunna, and even Lil Uzi Vert.

The IM and Yeat collaboration, titled “No Handoutz” was produced by Taz Taylor (CEO of IM), Rio Leyva, and even Yeat himself. The track is focused on Yeat’s rise to success despite having obstacles and challenges from the start, as he says “Yeah, I was down bad in the past, I ain’t get to have no feast/ Yeah, walk in the store with the pass, I’m ’bout to get it for free”.

Despite his tough circumstances, Yeat has found his way to worldwide success, claiming “We the new wave, we the latest and greatest.” And he’s right. Yeat is the most recent example of an artist taking the music industry by storm. From fans begging for leaked snippets (i.e. No Handoutz, Dub, Poppin… the list goes one), to meme pages obsessing over him, and his own unique sound, he has a lot of people talking about him. Even the way he talks and types is praised and has been adopted by many fans.

Yet, he claims “he [I] don’t even care about accomplishments”. If Yeat stays on this trajectory, it would not be surprising to see him reach elite superstardom status. He is making friends with a lot of established artists and brands in the music industry and Internet Money is just the latest example of that. A couple of members of IM even received writing credits on the track, which suggests that Yeat is great at working with other people as well- something we have also seen in Instagram stories showing Yeat and Lil Uzi Vert working in the studio several times leading up to Yeat’s album release.

Listen to the new Internet Money and Yeat song below and comment your thoughts- is Yeat leading the new wave of sound?

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