L0veaca – Los Angeles’s Newest Rockstar

Los Angeles's newest rockstar showcases he is not to be messed with.

Los Angeles is no stranger to artists relocating to the City of Angels to make it big. L0veaca is the newest transplant in the emerging alternative emo trap scene following the success of his album, ‘The God Particle;” a body of work infused with dark and watery instrumentals, gritty vocals, and a punk aesthetic that is an amazing baseline to build a career off of. His beat selection is top-notch and his genre bending combination of emo trap, punk, and even some midwest emo(with the song KUT) really makes his music a pleasure to listen to. Working with LA talent agency, Pur3ent, L0veaca has gained a veracious fanbase that is eagerly awaiting his new LP entitled ‘LSD’ or ‘Life School Dropouts.’

L0veaca fits right at home in the world of alternative music, especially in the Los Angeles scene, fitting into the same pocket that artists such as Anxiety Attacks!, Fat’se, and 93FEETOFSMOKE fit into. I look forward to what he brings to the table and where his career will take him during 2022 and beyond.

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