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Blvck Svm & Sebastian Kamae Drop – fiftypercentgratuity

I gotta say, I’m new to Blvck Svm’s music. But this new project he just dropped, titled fiftyperecntgratuity, is the perfect introduction to the talented artist. Svm is a young up-and-coming artist originally from Florida, but currently resides in Chicago. Honestly, while preparing this write up I creeped on Svm’s Spotify page…and his story is super fascinating and inspirational. I think learning more about his background, and himself as a person made me vibe even harder with this new project. This album is 5 tracks long, entirely produced by the talented Sebastian Kamae. The whole project is fire, it really gave me old school Joey Bada$$ vibes mixed with Earl Sweatshirt. Svm is a lyricist, just spitting truth throughout the whole album. The way Svm lays down his vocals, infused with incredible melodies makes the music feel so powerful. I think Blvck Svm has the potential to be a big household name one day, and I hope you hop on the bandwagon now like me rather than later! Be sure to check out fiftyperecentgrautity, linked below. 

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