I Before E Except After C, E The Profit Dropped Beat Em Down Sheesh

You like the title, thanks I thought of it myself. Anyways, I first covered E way back a few months ago. A lot of shit has happened since my first post about E, and I’m loving this hot streak Mr. Profit is on! The Kentucky boy has amassed over 140k monthly Spotify listeners, and is being playlisted left and right. I love seeing E getting the credit he deserves for making top tier tunes. This newest single literally makes me wanna go fight someone, it’d honestly make a perfect worldstar fight montage song, in my opinion. Again we see E pairing up with producer Rocco Roy on this track. This duo is literally on fire, every song they link up for is always on repeat. The whole song sounds like a playful hook the way E flows. Don’t get me started on Roys drums….man has my whole car shaking. Be sure to check out E the profit, and his newest single “Beat Em Down” linked below. 

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