Taz Money Is Out For Destruction – drops single “damaged” 

His names Taz, and don’t forget the money. Today let me put you on to the young artist Taz Money, and his new single “damaged”. This r&b trap flip is so catchy, and has a lot of emotion coming from Taz’s vocals. The instrumental is also so fire, with infectious piano keys and trumpet. Taz really shows he’s a versatile artist by displaying his singing ability, as well as dropping just delicious bars on us. My favorite line from the song has to be “they only catch me if you tellem”. I’d love to say more about Taz Money, but I think it’s best if you just go hear for yourself! Be sure, to check out Taz and his new single “damaged”. I personally think Taz is going to be up by the end of 2022.

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