Danny Orange Is On His Way To The Top – Drops New Single “way back 2 you”

Making his debut here on Grooverelly is Danny Orange with his newest single “way back 2 you”. I have to say Danny is a true renaissance man. As many of you might know Danny under his other alias Daniel Jordan K from overcast. This new single from Danny is going to be the leading single off his upcoming album “fun while it lasted”. The concept of the album is going to be about self growth & breakups, something we can all relate too. I personally think having “way back 2 you” as the leading single fits the tone and mood of the upcoming project perfectly. The track gives me very nostalgic feels when I listen, honestly just a fun happy song to start your day with. The whistles through out the song, have to be my favorite part. I try to whistle along, but I’m mid at whistling. The new single is also accompanied with a music video. But this time Danny is the star of the video, instead of directing it. I think the video compliments the song very nicely. In the video we see Danny just hanging out in his bedroom as he makes “way back 2 you” on his computer. I could really relate to the video, as that’s what my bedroom lowkey looks like. I’m really excited to hear this upcoming project from Danny Orange, the kid is just so talented…the sky is the limit. Until the project drops, be sure to check out “way back 2 you” available on all streaming platforms. I will also link the music video below 🙂

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