Shiki XO Turns Heads with its New Self-Produced Single

Shiki XO’s first song of the year, titled “Too Fucked up to Talk” is a deep and introspective look at something not many people talk about, especially in music. The main organ gives the song that baroque and intense presence that is normally associated with Mahler or Beethoven and then devolves into layers of dark hyperpop inspired synths, breaks, and drops. Besides the work’s subject matter, this is the artist’s first exploration of being fully self-produced so I wanted to ask it a few questions regarding the song and this decision to pivot from what the norm was in 2021 for Shiki XO. 

Why Self-Prod?

Having control over my music and building a song from the ground up gives me more freedom to showcase my entire vision rather than trying to adapt that to the work of someone else.

What inspired the instrumental?

I wrote the lyrics first which is pretty rare for me, and then I just found an organ chord progression I liked, fleshed it out, and made it super unique to the story I was telling

What do you want your fans to take away from this song?

I’m capable of more than lyrics, I’m multifaceted, and I have more to say than the typical breakup songs and I’m willing to go deep. 

The song is about SA and the message is that it can happen to anyone and it’s okay to speak up. People dismissed what happened to me based on me and the person who perpetuated it. It’s not okay, you’re not alone, and you should speak up. People will support you and bring you back up. 

“Too Fucked up to Talk” is available on all streaming platforms everywhere.

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