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VITO Starting Off 2022 Right – Drops Single “Unlikely Story”

New York’s Pop-Punk/Emo artist VITO, is starting 2022 off with a an acoustic punk ballade titled “Unlikely Story” which is immaculately produced by Bennykayy. 

Last year we got to hear his first studio album “Death of My Teenage” which encompased his artistic journey from angsty teen to an artist who has really found his sound. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to this song early and I do have to say this is his best song to date. The way VITO’s soft tenor/alto voice layers with the melancholic and almost folk-like acoustic guitars is unlike what most people can accomplish, especially in a range as high as his. His near-soprano-like upper register sets him apart from other male vocalists, allowing him to create more intricate harmonies with his voicings. The softer acoustic drums also gives it an almost folk-like quality that has been a staple of his sound for sometime.

I decided to ask VITO to say a few words about this new release. 

Me: “hey i’m doing a write up for “Unlikely Story” for Grooverlly, care to say a few words about the song”

VITO: “I’ve been hella frustrated going through a lot of changes in my life lately and trying to make sense of it all. I approached this song with the idea of making a catchy “anthem” type of song that people can understand on their first play-through and allow it to resonate with them as well. The fact that it’s coming out at the start of the new year is an added bonus as well.” 

Unlikely Story is out now and available on all platforms everywhere.

Written & Edited by Purg and Matt

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