J Trees Dedicates This One To “Jessica”

An amazing artist who I’ve discovered in recent time is one by the name of J Trees. An affiliate of some artists that I know personally, I couldn’t help but notice a song by his being shared around, one that brings back old school love.

J Trees did something that not many artists do anymore and that was create and dedicate a song to his girlfriend, Jessica. With an open heart and open mind, J Trees gets us all in our feelings with his deep rooted lyricism and intimate sound.

This is what J Tree’s had to say about this single.

“this release is really special to me, it’s the first time i’ve ever made a straight up acoustic song and it’s a sound i’ve been wanting to make for a long time. i’ve grown up listening to all types of bands and artists that have inspired my singing style but slowly i’ve been taking more influence from them and have made my way into making music like that but in my own way. i was inspired to make this song by my girlfriend who the song is also named after. she’s always let me be myself in every way and we’ve always shared a bond over this style of music. the direction i’ve been taking with my music makes me very proud and happy because i feel it’s my truest and most honest work, and i’m very excited to cement my place in the scene with it. i’ll have many more songs to come after this one and continue to make my presence known and keep creating great music.”

It’s without a doubt that J Trees is deeply in love and I don’t think there’s any better way to prove that than by writing and releasing a song in dedication to his other half.

Stream Jessica down below!

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