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Stop Sleeping On Sandman – Drops Single “Withdrawals”

A good song is always just around the corner, as I like to say! As always, I’m here to provide that hit song fix. This artist is new to the page, and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of him. Sandman is a 21-year-old artist, based in Vancouver British Columbia (VBC), eh! I was able to tap in with Sandman in the dm’s and get more insight about him, how he makes music, and what inspired his newest single “Withdrawals”. Sandman has been self-producing and recording himself since 2018, at first just releasing his music via Soundcloud. Major growth has happened for the VBC based artist since 2018. This year Sandman sold-out his first show and was placed on multiple Spotify editorial playlists. There’s no slowing down for Sandman either, as he plans to drop his debut EP “Nice Guys Finish Last” in 2022, as well as go on a small tour throughout Canada. Recently Sandman released his newest single “Withdrawals” a companied by some fire visuals. When asking Sandman about the track he stated, “the song was inspired by a previous relationship of mine that became too toxic on both ends, and the struggle of finding the strength to finally end it.” Overall, I really enjoy this song and have it on repeat nonstop. I could definitely see “Withdrawals” being played on heavy rotation at a pop radio station. Sandman’s vocals throughout the track are mixed to perfection, being accompanied by great lyricism. Keep your eyes out for Sandman and be sure to stream, and watch the music video for “Withdrawals” linked below!  

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