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E The Profit Still Has Bluegrass In His Blunt – New Video For “Bluegrass” Acoustic

Back again, making his return to the Grooverelly site…I give you E The Profit! Let’s start off by saying a lot has happened since I last covered E. The Kentucky artist may still have Bluegrass in his blunt, but he also has a blue check next to his name on Instagram now! I believe this past week we saw the young Profit get verified, we love to see talent get recognized. Also, E has gained some crazy traction on streaming services, being playlisted on a Spotify editorial! It’s safe to say, E hasn’t taken his foot off the gas. The young artist recently dropped an acoustic rendition of his song “Bluegrass” paired with an insane music video! I have to say, I love the acoustic flip of the song. I feel it brings out a totally different vibe and tone then the original version of the track. In the video we see E sporting a Kentucky jersey, majestical horses, and some kid in the back of the convertible with luscious locks! Be sure to check out E, the new video for “Bluegrass” linked below, and please stay hip to his new music coming out! A star in the making from Kentucky, calling it now! 

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