Don’t Be Shyy Get To Know Shyy Sosa – Drops Single “HUH!”

I’m always on the hunt for new music, and sometimes the Soundcloud algorithms serve me just right! Last month they served me up an upcoming artist that is critically underrated right now, going by the name of Shyy Sosa. I tapped in with Sosa in the dm’s after I found his fire song “HUH!”. I want to publicly apologize to Mr. Sosa, for my lateness on this article. But the song is just too good not to share, so better late than never! Hailing from the small town of Millen, Georgia. Shyy is currently 21 years old and I’m assuming making these bangers in his bedroom, very punk! Like I said before, I found Shyy through his track “HUH!” and it’s been on steady rotation for me ever since. The track is definitely fitting into this trap melodic rage music genre we have seen take the mainstream by storm this year, with the help of artists like Trippie Red, and SoFaygo. However, I feel Shyy Sosa is holding his own in this genre! When talking to Shyy he mentioned that he doesn’t really write his lyrics when he records and tries to just draw from past and present experiences he’s gone through. My favorite line from his song “HUH!” has to be, “don’t tell me you’re catching feeling, thought it was no strings attach”. The whole song is a vibe from start to finish, with the production and Shyy’s vocal delivery bringing such angst to the track. Be sure to check out “HUH!” and the rest of Shyy Sosa’s catalogue all linked below! 

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