Carioww Keeps The Crown With New Album “?!”

An artist who has been exciting to watch grow is one who has been on our page before, Carioww. The wavy and mysterious artist has been releasing music left and right all of 2021 and has been criminally underrated throughout this process. Just recently, he released a 12-track album where Carioww had a lot to get off his chest and envisions the recognition.

The first track, Purple, is produced by noevdv and is a flawless way to introduce the album. The mesh of R&B and rap really make for a great song overall. Carioww does an eminent job creating a catchy hook as he does in all of his tracks.

The second track, Endlessly Vibing, is a treat to his audience as its produced by Carioww himself. The angelic melody mixed with the subtle 808’s and hats set the tempo for the track. To compliment the heavenly production, Carioww glides effortlessly with his ear-catching vocals and story telling wordplay.

While the tone of the project is slow, Carioww turns it down a notch on the third track, 9missed Called, which is produced by Quintuple. The slower paced melody mixed with the drums make for a chill song that I recommend you wake and bake to. While it is a phenomenal track, be prepared to get into your feelings if you pay close attention.

The fourth track, Demi God, is the only track on the project that has a feature which is from Trench. Carioww begins to speak over the well-crafted production then proceeds to coast as the drums start hitting. At this point in the album I’m wondering to myself, “Has Carioww ever made a bad song?”

Carioww gets in his PLUGGNB bag on the fifth track, GETMYMINDRIGHT. The ethereal vocals over an already beautiful production keeps this song on repeat. From a listener standpoint, Carioww is probably the most versatile artist in the game.

Arguably the catchiest song on the album is the sixth track, Been Krazy. This more up-tempo track will improve anybody’s mood. The catchy adlibs mixed with the hook make for a 10/10 track.

I don’t want to spoil the rest of the album for the rest of you guys so you’ll have no choice but to listen to this project. It’s without a doubt that Carioww is on his way to the top. With his catalogue of music being more expanded than your favorite artists, there’s a track by Carioww for everyone. As underrated as Carioww is, he still manages to remain patient and releases beyond excellent music with each track being better than the lost.

Check out ?! down below!

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