3 Drops To Look Forward To Tonight

1. Dro Kenji – Vanish

Coming to the close of his 2021 campaign, Dro Kenji has gained notoriety in the underground scene like few others. Working closely with label Internet Money, he dropped two albums this year; EAT YOUR HEART OUT and F*CK YOUR FEELINGS. Dro Kenji announced last week on his Instagram that “Vanish” would drop Friday 10/29, a song many fans have been waiting for him to drop for two months. First previewed on Instagram Live at the end of August, the snippet from “Vanish” gives the classic Dro Kenji heartbroken feel that many underground music fans have fallen in love with.

Via: @drokenji on Instagram

2. SSGKobe – Caddy

One of 2021’s breakthrough artists, SSGKobe has accomplished a lot this year: 2 Cole Bennett videos, streaming with Adin Ross, songs that went viral on TikTok, his debut EP. and much more. Previewed on Instagram Live almost 6 months ago, “Caddy” is a track that SSGKobe has certainly put touches on and perfected since the original snippets. A more slow and melodic track from him, “Caddy” showcases the melody and flow that SSGKobe is known for, one that is light and molds together the verses and chorus so well. You definitely do not want to miss this drop.

3. Scorey – Catch Me If You Can

Dropping his debut single just two years ago, Scorey is in the beginning of his career. Working closely with Polo G, and the first artist signed to his label Only Dreamers Achieve, Scorey has positioned himself for a promising future. Poised to be a breakout artist in 2022, Scorey is dropping single “Catch Me If You Can” tonight. Previewed on his Triller in September, the song has a catchy melody over an instrumental that blends perfectly with his vocals. Once the full version drops, there’s a good chance it’ll become a staple in your playlist.

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