Slayloverboy Puts a Heavy Spin on Demi Lovato’s “Here We Go Again”

An artist who has been catching buzz both musically and on social media is Slayloverboy, who just recently released a remix to Demi Lovato’s single Here We Go Again.

Slayloverboy has shown extreme versatility within creating his music but in my personal opinion, he best suits the alternative rap/emo-rap scene, respectively. While being an independent artist, Slayloverboy has seen the ups-and-downs of the music industry but recently, his music caught the attention of Kyle Perera of Cleopatra Records, who decided to bring him on board to their label. With that being said, the Here We Go Again Remix was Slayloverboy’s first release being on board the label.

To start the track off, the guitar and drums fade in, letting Slayloverboy set the tone as he utilizes his vocals and gets aggressive on the hook. As the song progresses, Slayloverboy tones it down on the first verse and expresses his emotions through his vocals. About 1:35 into the track, he does an worthy job of slowing down the tempo of the track within the bridge leading back into the aggressive yet emotional hook 30 seconds.

It’s no doubt that Slayloverboy did this track justice and should absolutely be recognized by Demi Lovato and many others. If you haven’t looked into Slayloverboy, I suggest you do sooner than later because in all honesty, he’s truthfully next up with an excellent backing by Cleopatra Records.

Check out Here We Go Again Remix” down below!

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