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Today, the pop auteurs in Majid Jordan (Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman) announce Wildest Dreams, their first album in nearly four years. Laced with romantic, new wave-inflected tracks, the anticipated project is an emphatic reminder of why the dreamy duo became recognized as cutting-edge musical tastemakers and is set for release on October 22nd via OVO Sound. They also announced a string of U.S. shows in celebration of the album kicking off in San Francisco before making their way to Los Angeles, Chicago, Brooklyn and Toronto. 

Riding the momentum of singles like “Summer Rain,” “Been Through That,” and “Waves of Blue,” Wildest Dreams sees the group expand the scope of their sound with songs that push beyond their R&B roots and into the pop stratosphere. Coated in glossy ’80s synths, sensual vocals, and lyrics that channel romantic longing, “Summer Rain” evokes the feeling of finding love on the dancefloor. The music dives deep into the overwhelming sensations that emerge from vulnerability and themes centered on love’s dawning. “Been Through That” is an uplifting anthem that, upon its arrival, felt like the perfect soundtrack to summer’s warmth. Meanwhile, “Waves of Blue” is a glittering tune that features disarmingly tender lyrics and new wave-tinged production. Those singles—and Wildest Dreams on whole—only build on the genre-defying dynamics and lyrical sincerity fans have come to expect of the duo. 

Majid Jordan are in peak form going into their first album since 2017’s The Space Between. Praised for its blend of throwback pop aesthetics and lucid songwriting, that album was a memorable snapshot of the duo at their best—so far. Sure enough, Majid Jordan’s best is still yet to come, and fans will hear the end result for themselves when Wildest Dreams is released.

Stream Majid Jordan Below.

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