I had the opportunity to interview one of my favorite up-and-coming artists from the Dallas area, IMSICKOFJUN. To see the growth of JUN as not only an artist, but a person as well is amazing. It’s no doubt he’s next up in the scene.

Erik Young: Who is Imsickofjun for those who aren’t familiar with you or your music?

IMSICKOFJUN: I’m just a human like everybody else in this world that creates art, n the music that I create can be up to the assumption of each n every listener. Not many people know me yet but it’s okay, sometimes I like it like that but people will know my music soon enough.

Erik Young: What promoted/motivated you to start making music?

IMSICKOFJUN: Ever since I was young I wanted to make music but didn’t know how so I learned to do it all myself from learning the piano to different instruments and even to making music on softwares.

Erik Young: When did you start pursuing music and realizing that you were really good at it?

IMSICKOFJUN: I’ve been making music just for fun since i was in highschool. I stopped making stuff for like 2 years but I got back into it seriously last year. I realized I was good at making music in highschool, bc random ppl were listening to my old SoundCloud stuff in the hallway back then and I’d be surprised that they were listening to my stuff.

Erik Young: What were some things you were into before you got into music?

IMSICKOFJUN: Fashion, drawing, art, n drugs

Erik Young: What kinda art are you into? Were there any specific styles you had when it came to drawing?

IMSICKOFJUN: I was into paintings and to be more specific baroque paintings. And also interior design art as well. But when it came to drawing, I just drew what came to mind same thing with my music. That’s how I live tbh, whatever that comes to mind I go do it.

Erik Young: Where did the name “imsickofjun” come from?

IMSICKOFJUN: The name is actually up to anybody’s interpretation but it has multiple meanings. One of them being that it resembles me being tired of my thoughts consuming me inside out.

Erik Young: Is creating music an outlet for you to convey your emotions? If so, how do you feel when the world gets to hear your feelings displayed in your music?

IMSICKOFJUN: Yes, n I’d hope people would enjoy it but most of the time I’m making it for myself.

Erik Young: What would you say, if at all, has been the biggest struggles when it comes to making music?

IMSICKOFJUN: I guess the biggest struggles is making too much music n especially making stuff with different genres n not putting it out lmaoo. I’m my biggest critic and I be overthinking things. Even if people tell me my stuff is good It don’t matter in my head bc i don’t even know if I like it half the time lmaoo. I know I make good music but I try to reach for my crazy ass standards.

Erik Young: Speaking of genres, what’s been your favorite in regards to experimenting with?

IMSICKOFJUN: I guess everything

Erik Young: What’s your favorite song you’ve put out and why?

IMSICKOFJUN: Probably “worry” from like over a year ago. N bc it just honestly just a good song lmaooo

Erik Young: Who would you say has really inspired you? If anybody

IMSICKOFJUN: I honestly don’t know tbh

Erik Young: Working with artists such as rocstaryoshi, C2D, and others. What was it like working with them?

IMSICKOFJUN: It was more of like I fw them, we just made songs if we felt like it, I don’t like forcing shit so it just happened.

Erik Young: I obviously know the story of how story of how you and rocstaryoshi became good friends but how did you end up meeting and working with C2D?

IMSICKOFJUN: Through the internet bc we worked with similar people back in the day n we just bonded as friends. We didn’t make stuff until like later on tbh, he’s actually one of my close friends n he the twin for sure.

Erik Young: Through time I noticed that you and midwxst follow each other on Instagram. What would you say that your guys bond is like? Can we expect anything from you guys in the future?

IMSICKOFJUN: We’re mutuals, but he’s a cool ass person for sure. I support tf outta what he’s doing for himself rn, making big moves. We have talked a couple a times about stuff but we’ll see what happens later on ;).

Erik Young: Who are some of your favorite producers to work with and why?

IMSICKOFJUN: Some of my favorite producers to work with are I guess lucca, C2D, heavn n indie producers in general

Erik Young: With currently staying in the Dallas area, what direction do you think the music scene is going there? Any local artists you’d like to work with?

IMSICKOFJUN: Tbh I don’t care bc im to myself most of the time, but Me and jacks haupt, who is such an amazing artist from this area, are planning to work on some things soon.

Erik Young: If you could work with any artist right now, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

IMSICKOFJUN: It’d be Steven Moses, Kenny hoopla n the replacements.

Erik Young: A question that is out of the blue but something we always ask is: If the purge happened, what would be the first crime you would commit and why?

IMSICKOFJUN: I plead the 5th lmaoo

Erik Young: Haha for sure, totally understandable. First person that’s ever not answered that. What can fans expect next from you? A single? Another project before the year ends?

IMSICKOFJUN: A lot more music video and more singles n I’m currently working on a indie project rn, so soon come N definitely a new project before the year ends

Erik Young: Any advice you’d give to up and coming artists?

IMSICKOFJUN: Keep doing u n don’t try to copy whoever u like listening to but make it your own sound

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