Whethan Recruits ericdoa and Glaive for Unforgettable Single “Think You Right”

Ever since I heard ericdoa’s and Glaives first collaborative song “its all a waste,” back in the Summer of 2020, I was automatically hooked on their chemistry and their arrangement of emotions. Ever since that track, they have released a handful of songs together including “fuck this town,” “cloak n dagger,” and now “Think You Right.”

Their newest song is backed up with production by Whethan, who has been notorious for being one of the worlds biggest producers and DJ’s at such a young age, being 22. Whethan is known for his remix of the track ‘XE3,” by Mssingo, which has gathered over 14.3 million streams on Soundcloud alone as of 9/18/21.

This trio coming together is no surprise as Whethan has production credits on three tracks from Glaive’s most recent project “all dogs go to heaven.” 

The song starts off with some vocal-chops and lightly placed synths ultimately lead the way for the hook where ericdoa brings the energy and enthusiasm. The chopped up vocals complement Whethan’s production very well as if erics vocals are incorporated into the beat. Following up the hook is Glaive’s verse, where he really changes the tempo of the song to match his typical soothing and catchy wordplay. It’s hard not to sing along to this song, even if you may not know the lyrics right away. 

After listening to this song just once, I can tell you right now that it will be in my daily rotation. The way I smiled as I was just listening to this track just goes to show that these two young superstars are about to break through at any moment. While ericdoa and Glaive did their thing on this track, Whethan didn’t fall short either as he created a production worth remembering. 

Check out “Think You Right,” down below!

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