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Tommy Richman Verse The World – New Single “Chrono Trigger”

I’m constantly on the hunt for new music and artists that stand out from the rest—true trailblazers! It’s safe to say, Tommy Richman, is very much so a trailblazer. Representing Woodbridge, Virginia, the artist combines futuristic sounds and nostalgic production, layered with his infectious vocals. To be honest, it’s hard to describe Tommy’s sound in words, his music just provokes such profound vibes that you can’t box him into one genre. Recently, the artist struck viral success with his new single, “Chrono Trigger,” that gained a lot of traction on TikTok before its release. With the single landing on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist, it’s only a matter of time until Tommy Richman takes over the world! Be sure to check out, “Chrono Trigger,” streaming on all platforms. 

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