LOVEMENOT Opens Up On “Another Love Song”

An artist who I stumbled upon is one by the name of LOVEMENOT who I instantly became a fan of when I ran into his song Another Love Song on YouTube which was accompanied by a music video. I typically hardly ever click on videos I see on YouTube containing music but I’m so glad I did.

First thing I noticed is that the music video takes place somewhere in the UK, likely Edinburgh. Couldn’t tell you exactly where but doing some research, LOVEMENOT is also based in the UK. The color coordination of the music video is on point and matches the melancholic lyrics. LOVEMENOT does an excellent job stretching his vocals and shows that he can truly sing. The catchy hook is like a drug, always has me going back to it.

It’s no doubt that LOVEMENOT has a bright future ahead of him. He brings to the table what many up-and-coming artists don’t bring and that’s beautifully organized and mixed vocals. He has so much potential as an artist and has an industry sound that people shouldn’t sleep on. I’d say my least favorite part of the song is when the song ends.

Check out Another Love Story down below!

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