What Has Kevin Kazi Been Up To?

If you’re tapped into Grooverelly, then you definitely know that Kevin Kazi is a fan favorite around here. The 20-year-old artist from Atlanta has seen spurts of success and has shown some serious potential ever since he stepped his foot into the music scene. He’s best known for his popularity in the Soundcloud music scene as a prominent underground and independent artist.

His music journey began in 2016 and he hasn’t stopped since. Formerly known as Lil Namek(@yvngnamek), Kevin Kazi has shown promise since his younger days with songs like HAI, which released back in 2017 and can hear that sound becoming more popular in the music scene today.

As time progressed, Kevin Kazi has found himself collaborating with successful artists like Tommy Ice, BIGBABYGUCCI, Keshore, $NOT, and the late 6 Dogs. A song that I constantly have singing in the back of my head is Risky, which features Tommy Ice and is accompanied by producer Mochila.

Kevin Kazi went on to bless his fans with an advancement within his music with songs like Kids Don’t Cry, Poison, Uki, and Zaza, which released from late 2019 to mid 2020, respectfully. In early 2021, Kevin Kazi released a Soundcloud exclusive project titled Mourning Star, which consists of seven tracks and features productions from Fish, Juggman Rico, YMAR, Bleach, Polar, and Ovrwrld. The most popular track off the project statistically is 2 Emotional, which has gathered 25.2k streams at the time of this article. This project was highly impressive though considering Kevin Kazi’s versatility was shown and exceeded my expectations.

Kevin Kazi’s most recent release stems from yet another Soundcloud exclusive single titled Encounter, which released mid July of 2021. The song features productions from Shinju and Northern Lights. Encounter is honestly one of my favorite songs at the moment as well as one of my favorite releases from Kevin Kazi. The perfect way to describe this track is angelic. With a very futuristic melody with club-like drums, Kevin Kazi does an excellent job creating a catchy hook and matching the same energy as the upbeat production.

In his most recent post on Instagram, a fan commented ‘need new music asap,” and Kevin’s response was “coming soon I promise.” This gives fans some excitement as we haven’t heard much from Kevin Kazi this year in regards to new music.

Be on the lookout for future stories on Kevin Kazi and potentially an interview.

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