Lil Wop Returns on Brisk, Bruising New Project ‘Say Cheese’

Lil Wop sneaks across self-produced beats with his signature croak on Say Cheese, a quick-hitting project that packs a devastating punch. The tape is driven by sparse, minimalist atmospherics where dread hides behind empty spaces, making a fitting home for Wop’s grisly recollections. 

Opener “Money Power Respect” is driven by aggressive kicks and dissonant echoes that accentuate Wop’s delivery as he moves from the vague (“Ain’t nobody safe, better hope that you survive”) to the visceral (“Bitch you know I’m Chuckie, gave the chopper to my bride”). On the subsequent highlight “Sword,” droning production touches are enhanced by a malleable flow as he asks, “My ride it’s a spaceship, wanna hop aboard it?”

Approaching Say Cheese‘s closing moments, “80’s” revolves around a retro synth worthy of a Super Metroid boss while “Hallow Tips” sculpts Wop’s authoritative approach into a whisper. Each of these songs is a self-contained horror show that makes for a worthy entry into the Atlanta rapper’s sprawling catalogue. 

Stream Say Cheese below.

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