Yeat Gets the Drake Co-Sign and Rings the Bell on “Gët Busy”

Portland bred rapper Yeat finally dropped the long-awaited song which had went viral a little less than a month ago called “Get Busy,” which is virally known as “Bell.” The rapper also got a co-sign by Drake, where he posted on his Instagram story “This garage already was turnt but here’s a bell,” and also followed Yeat on Instagram. The song also is accompanied by music which is edited and shot by Satch Films and Jack Rottier.

The song, which initially went viral on TikTok, has over 36.5k videos amassed by the users of the platform, and one video has over 1.1 million likes just by itself. The song is produced by Flansie, who is infamous for co-producing Holy Smokes by Trippie Redd, and is also produced by Skimayne.

The production plays a huge role in the song and gets as much credit as Yeat’s ability to keep climbing up the ladder of success. The infamous line from the song “This song already was turnt but here’s a bell,” was already an insane bar, but right after that line, a church bell rings which helped that song become viral. 

The video is shot in the “Invisible House,” which is located in Joshua Tree, California. It’s featured in several publications like the Washington Post, Maxim, and several other big name outlets. It’s mirrored on the outside which gives the illusion that it is invisible.

It’s no doubt that Yeat is up next. With the co-sign from the legendary Drake to going viral with more than one song. Be on the look out as he’s the next artist to break through.

Check out “Get Busy,” down below!

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