daine ascends toward stardom on “SALT (feat. Oli Sykes)”

If the past year has marked daine’s ascent toward stardom, consider “SALT” her coronation. 

In collaboration with Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes, the single finds post-hardcore refracted through the lens of electronic and pop flair, a post-genre merger produced by Lonelyspeck that’s a keen fit for daine’s stirring sensibilities. Behind the deceptively lulling melodies, daine sounds at once anguished and self-assured, establishing a commanding voice that begs to “twist the knife in my gut.” Her emo-inflected musings are at their most painful and potent, like morose poetry straight from a journal. 

Sykes gives “Salt” an additional dose of affliction, contemplating “the bitter taste of kerosene” via a lucid guest verse before backing up daine with his signature screams on the song’s avalanche of a hook. It’s here that the union between daine and Sykes makes perfect sense as two innovators — alternative music’s present and future — brilliantly collide. 

Stream “SALT” below. 

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