Midwxst Speaks the Truth on “All Talk”

With three releases in the last month, Midwxst just can’t take his foot off the gas. Starting off that stride with “Made it Back,” which has gathered 400k+ streams on Spotify alone along with “Tic Tac Toe,” which has 272k+ streams.

Midwxst recently released a single titled “All Talk,” which really shows his true colors. He emphasizes how he’s about to blow up which I have no doubt will happen before this year. The Indiana-native had been so consistent releasing music ever since he signed a deal with Geffen Records which is a sub-label to Interscope Records.

The song’s production is backed by underground legends Starboy, Outtatown, and Elxnce. Starboy and Outtatown are notoriously known for working with Lil Uzi and Future and are known for being the pioneers of the current hyperpop sound. The bouncy 808’s meshed with the futuristic melody make for a fun song from the jump. The serotonin I personally gained from this song is something I don’t get from many songs.

Midwxst is undoubtedly the future. The showcasing of his versatility on every track makes for an exciting track each release. It’s always something different every time Midwxst releases music and that’s the best part about his artistry. 

Check out “All Talk.” Down below and let us know what you think! 


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