Let’s Go On A Drive With Torr’s New Single “dammit”

Onto a new pop artist you may have seen across the Spotify editorial scene, as he has had recent success with his recent song and this being one of my favorites from him. As this New York City artist has released something a little bit newer than this being a 5 song EP named “eel” which contains a variety of well put together songs having this be his first project he has put together.

As this was the song that brought him into the hyper pop scene as this is how some people may have come across Torr. What I love most about this artist is with each song you can hear the amount of layers he has put in the beat from the melody to the percussion of the song. You have to force yourself to listen to each song 2-3 times just to understand everything he has layered in the song. When some people say a song is an art, Torr has that with every song he puts out. He puts out pieces of art and it’s beautiful.

Listen To “dammit” Below.

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