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Baby Jo Shines With “RockStar”

Here we got a rising artist for the Augusta Georgia area, when I first came across his music I automatically knew he had what it takes as he consistently drops and if you are a fan of the melodic Lil Baby songs or even DC The Don I feel like you may find this artist interesting. Even if you over play this song and it gets old it seems he drops single after single, not letting his fans get old of his music.

As he is a new artist to the scene starting to get the attention from many platforms like Grooverelly across the community. This is only the start, once he starts getting a little more attention soon enough you will be seeing him across Hip-Hop Central and amongst all the other rising artists. With his beautiful guitar beats and his beat selection tagged along with his talented writing it won’t go unnoticed. You might as well hop on the Baby Jo train and watch this artist rise to the top.

Listen To “RockStar” Below.

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