Midwxst Doesn’t Lose on “Made It Back”

It’s very few that have been as consistent and as talented as Midwxst. The one-of-a-kind sound that he’s been bringing to the table these last couple of years is blowing a lot of these other artists in the dust as he’s been keeping it realistic in his lyrics.

He released a very exciting and fun single titled “Made It Back,” in which he puts his own twist on the current rage sound that is very popular. He emphasizes how different life is and how he’s making promises to his mother as well as making money back that he loses.

The jumpy kicks and 808’s really compliment the rage-style melody as it brings the loudness and the story that midwxst is telling. 

Midwxst has arguably been one of my favorite artists these last few months as he’s been putting out music that anybody could relate to as well as motivate those who really want it.

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