$lyce Goes Above and Beyond With His New Single

Grooverelly fan favorite $lyce is back with his new hit single in collaboration with Grooverelly and Sad Chill with his new single Beyond(Half-Hearted) which is produced by Harold Harper.

$lyce really enhances his vocals on this song which really touches your heart immediately. The way he is able to flow on this beautifully crafted production goes to show that $lyce is so close to stardom. I’m still wondering why he hasn’t blown up yet considering he has an industry sound which blows a lot of signed artists into the dust. 

$lyce should be way bigger right now but people are sleeping on his sound. I promise that once his music gets into the right hands, it’s over for everyone.

The video for Beyond is directed by New England Boy and was exclusively released on Sad Chill.

Take some time out of your day to enjoy this chill vibe and most importantly, share it with your friends if you enjoy it. 

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