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DailyOoze Taking Dallas Music Scene to Another Level

26 year old Roman Rose has taken the Dallas music scene by storm with his platform “DailyOoze,” which really emphasizes both of his passions: wrestling and music. 

Being a state champ a few years back in the state of Texas, Roman knows how it feels to work hard and has been in the trenches. Who would have thought that years later, Roman would not only be able to keep achieving his passion with wrestling while also integrating the vital music scene which lies in Dallas. 

Roman Rose has been beyond successful throwing shows in Dallas, being from the icon “Gwapmania,” which includes and headlines Gwap Gang, a rap collective based in Dallas who also has a passion for wrestling. This will be the third year in a row that “Gwapmania,” will be occurring, being titled “Gwapmania III.” 

Roman Rose is partnering up with GCW(Game Changer Wrestling), to not only host wrestling matches at this event, but also having DFW’s most essential artists performing like Gwap Gang, Pat Ron, etc. 

Roman Rose is not only doing a one-of-a-kind event for the Dallas music scene, but I have yet to see ANYBODY doing events at this level with them being sold out.

I’d keep your eyes open for a collaboration with DailyOoze & Grooverelly, which will be happening sooner than later.

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