Brennan Savage Sheds Light on “DARKROOM”

Brennan Savage is back with his long-awaited album titled “DARKROOM.” in which ultimately may be his last.

From a previously deleted tweet which said: 

“The album DARKROOM will be the last piece of music ill be releasing. Ive worked hard on it and i hope yall will enjoy. Unfortunately it just embarrasses me to be a part of something that completely lacks integrity and passion. This path really let me down. Im excited to move on:)” This will be Brennan’s last body of art in the music scene reportedly.

One track that really stuck out to me is one that I, as well as others have been waiting on called “In My Dreams,” which features Lil Tracy. The song first circulated when Brennan previewed it on Instagram live back in the summer of 2019. Brennan Savage and Lil Tracy honestly compliment each other’s sound flawlessly with their perfected sound in the emo rap scene and angsty emotions being displayed.

“DARKROOM,” was first teased from an Instagram post back in February of this year by Brennan which was captioned “I might have an album.”

It seems as though Brennan stayed close to his roots as the album consists of 15 tracks, which features Bobby Raps, Drippin So Pretty, Lil Lotus, Nedarb, as well as Lil Tracy.

If you’re looking for a chill, laid back sound, then I promise that this album is for you. 

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